mangere health centre

Background to the Role

The Mangere Community Health Trust was formed in 1992 and together with its sister organisation – the Mangere Health Resources Trust – it forms an important part in the management and delivery of health services in Mangere. Mangere Health Centre doctors have been working with their patients in the Mangere community since 1974. Mangere Health Centre provides affordable, accessible care aimed at improving the quality of life of those in the area.

The Business Need

The Mangere Community Health Trust owned property in Mangere on which it wanted to build a health centre. The architect it initially engaged designed a building that cost circa $500 per sqm. This figure was far above the normal rent for a commercial property in Mangere and would have made it impossible to attract tenants.

Cranleigh was brought in to develop a solution to lower the build cost and identify the best way for the Trust to develop and fund the new health centre.

The Cranleigh Solution

Cranleigh engaged a construction company to deliver a more appropriately costed health centre for the area. It came back with a build cost that was much more realistic (around half of the initial estimate).

Cranleigh then helped to put together the business case for the Trustees and also helped to find tenants to reside in the new premises. The rental income from the tenants allowed the centre to shore up banking arrangements and has made the centre a commercial, as well as community, success.