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What we do

Many large Australasian companies, institutions and government departments have significant investment in property but it is often the least effectively-utilised strategic resource. Real estate assets should support a company's, institution's or government department's overall business strategy. Our highly skilled property team offers a depth of knowledge attained in the industry over numerous and varied projects, advisory services and implementation to maximise value across all spectrums of property.

Services offered by the team include:

  • Completion and assessment of project feasibility studies and structuring
  • Strategic business advice, policy and strategy
  • Financial modelling and implementation
  • Project structuring and financing with the objective of optimising investment returns
  • Transaction management and execution in terms of acquisition, development and funding
  • Portfolio reviews, advice and management
  • Structuring and implementation of joint ventures and partnerships
  • Specialised advice requiring deep commercial and financing experience e.g. real estate costs as a percentage of revenue or profit; unlocking property value; property strategy; moving property off balance sheet etc.